That's right, I get subtle this month - no in-your-face color mixes for once! Hey, I've got to play grownup once in a while! It's no secret that I'm really into greys now with my Antique Red hair. Premo Slate, Premo Accents Graphite and Souffle Concrete are figuring quite prominently in my clays on the worktable. Concrete is an especially great balance for the newer, bolder Souffle colors like Cornflower, Raspberry, Shamrock and Mandarin. I've mixed with two of those colors today. Oh, and I'm still exploring the surprises that Premo Acccents Copper gives us in mixes.

#1 Wouldn't this palette look great on a camel hair coat? But it can also transition into Spring, thanks to the Shamrock co-star.

#2 I love this cool palette - and I'm not the biggest fan of cool colors!

#3 Classy, subtle, elegant - 3 words that are NOT normally used in MY work, but I'm definately going to give this palette a spin around my clay table!

xoxo, syn