Passion colorsWow, Wow, Wow!  I *may* have mixed my all-time favorite color.  I'm mixing for the wooden fence background of the passion flower photo and I came up with really rich red-browns that almost like a non-metallic copper.










Apr 2015-3As an old photo retoucher, I love the shadow flesh colors and these remind me of some of the Derwent colors (64,67 if you are playing along with your pencils).  The Pink Fluorescent really gives punch to the colors while the Cad Yellow keeps warmth in the color.  That final mix is just a luscious, rich, warm tone that I would never have expected from those three colors!







Key Lime so 80sYou know how I've been obsessed lately with mixing the bright greens with the pinks?

Well, I took that little obsession and combined it with my current obsession with gingham to create these cute little plaid bracelets.  That's Sculpey Souffle Key Lime and So 80's and a 1:1 mix of both that I used to create it.  Even the scrap looks great!

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Key Lime so 80s scrap