Well it's October so, of course, I had to feature Pumpkin in the mixes this month!  I also was intrigued to see what I would get and I wasn't disappointed - I got some of the biggest ranges of colors yet!

I started this month's mixes off by adding the 1:1 color of Canary - actually I started with several of my "Mixing Heavy Hitters".  These are the colors that look so innocent in the package and pack a powerful color punch (See Robins Egg?  So innocent looking...it's got the power of a Marvel Superhero in color!)  First mix of the month and  I got a color I LOVE...Look at the 1:1 mix with the pumpkin- what a rich golden ochre color!  And then the Robins Egg/Canary?  Such a lovely Spring-type green!  And Turnip/Canary 1:1 makes a lovely blush color.

A Pumpkin Souffle of Colors

To the sub-palettes:

#1  I love this palette for Spring/Summer jewelry or even combined with Premo Accents Graphite...

#2 Of course I love all the warm colors!  I would wear these every day.  The Turnip/Canary 1:1 and Pumpkin/Canary 1:1 are great together and team really well with straight-up Pumpkin.

#3 All the 1:1s! You want a different palette?  This is it! I'd call this an all-season palette as well...

If you are looking at creating some interesting custom colors, I highly recommend you try mixing with one of these Souffle colors - Pumpkin, Turnip, Robins Egg or Canary.  You will get some really surprising colors. In fact, I'm still mixing from one of this month's palettes and using the colors like crazy!

xoxo, syn