Okay, this is one of the wildest color palettes I've had on my table - LOOK at all the different colors!  And it appears that if you run out of Souffle Jade, you can mix a VERY close version with Pistachio and Lagoon.. I really, really like that deep grey color that Pumpkin/Lagoon 1:1 makes as well as that soft purple color Guava/Lagoon 1:1 makes.

Bold Souffle Color Mixes

To the sub-palettes:

#1  Kind of a different pastel palette, right? I don't know why, but when I look at this palette, I think EARRINGS..

#2 A different kind of Fall palette - kind of Halloween? That Pumpkin and Guava/Lagoon 1:1 combo is SUPER!

#3 I love this palette!  A really different take on the traditional Fall colors.  And again, my brain says "Earrings!"  Or how about Mokume Gane?

I'm going to have to experiment with Lagoon some more if it is going to create such a wide range of mix colors!

xoxo, syn