All four of these colors, Pumpkin, Canary, Jade and Latte are my "go-to" colors right now (along with Pistachio). All of these colors have languished in the clay locker at one time or another and then I rediscover them and can't live without them.  Am I fickle? I'd say so! I can't even blame it on a seasonal thing- that being said- this palette also looks like a Autumnal palette! I love, love the 1:1 mixes combined with Latte as well.  AND if you were a fan of the old Souffle Key Lime- there is the mix - Canary and Latte.  You can alter the 1:1 mix to create the Key Lime color you wish, but 1:1 is pretty hard to beat (I use 1 Canary 2 Latte).

Latte Fall Colors

The Sub-Palettes:

#1 Ohhh, I like these colors together - look at how vibrant the Jade/Latte looks combined with the more neutal Latter and Canary/Latte 1:1.

#2  I think that the Pumpkin and that Canary/Latte 1:1 would look great with any color combination, but I really like it with the straight Jade and the Jade/Latte 1:1.  But how about Bluestone? Turnip? Sea Glass?

#3 Okay, this is a straight up Autumn palette if you ask me!

Anyone else suddenly craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte?  Hmmm, I have a Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea that is calling my name...  xoxo, syn