I was challenged by one of my CBFF (Clay Best Friends Forever) to mix with Premo Fuchsia this month. Since Fuchsia is a primary mix color, I had kind of overlooked it in my NCT - but I got really excited about the possibilities- and I wasn't disappointed! First off, check out that Wasabi/Fuchsia mix! Looking like a Premo Terracotta to me! I would probably add a skosh more Wasabi to it, but really, really close to the Souffle Cinnamon color. I've still got the two color chips sitting next to me. I really like all the mix colors - they are all interesting color with something to say.

#1 Oh yeah! I love me some bright colors and the Peacock Pearl/Fuchsia mix is a great anchor. Wow - I could see some beautiful caned flower petals with these colors..

#2 A different take on the Southwest colors that easily skew into Summer colors, right?

#3 Ahh, cool and calming - and they look great on that grey background. I wear a TON of this medium/dark grey (in fact, wearing it now). My clay table work shirts are all a grey so that I don't accidentally reflect a color into my photos as I work.

Next week, I add Premo Navy into the mixes.

xoxo, syn