Jan 4 Souffle allI felt like I had rather slighted the Souffle clays when I nonchalantly mentioned at the beginning of the month that I didn't need to make mix charts for the Souffle colors because they WERE the Moroccan colors already.  They are jewely colors right out of the package.  But I decided to do a color palette with them and then mix Premo! Gold into them to show you how that looked also.






Jan 4 Souffle my picks

You will notice that I chose Key Lime instead of Canary.  While I like yellows, they tend to freak me out in polymer clay (I can't keep them clean - they pick up colors that I haven't even used in months!)  I also have a history of using Key Lime to replace yellows and golds in my designs anyway.  Besides, I prefer greens.  So there is a perfectly good Moroccan color palette.







Jan 4 Souffle-Gold But WAIT!  What if we mixed Premo! Accents Gold into them.  We know that the micas really sparkle individually when mixed into the Souffle, so won't it make the colors richer? I really like them!  You can see how much more reflective they are than the palette above.  You can play around and adjust how much Gold you want in each, I just took the easy way this time.



See you Thursday for the Moroccan wrap up!  Don't forget to post in your ideas for next month too!

I know that the New Color Tuesdays (NCTs) are in the multitudes now, which is why we have a special page of just the mix photos for you (none of my yammering text to distract you). They live on their own page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

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