Mar 3bI'm more than ready to call it quits with this cold/flu. Seriously, it's been two weeks already and my nose is still running and my cough will not go away.  It's not keeping me from the clay table though!  I discovered something pretty cool this week when working through my new obsession with Premo! Blush.  I decided to do some quick 1:1 mixes with other colors.  The 18k Gold with Blush is so pretty in person!  I also really liked the Sunshine/Blush mix (Sunshine is another color I haven't worked much with.  I really like yellow colors, I just can't keep them clean.  Much worse than white for me..).  But the one that really intrigued me was Blush mixed with Wasabi.  It's such a neat color like a deep melon or light leather color.





Mar 3aSo I decided to do a full mix with those two colors. LOVE, every single mix!  For fun, I thought I would mix the Souffle counterparts, So 80's and Key Lime.  They mix to almost the same colors! The 2:1 mix for the Souffle is a little more on the pink side because the So 80's is a stronger pink.  These are great colors though aren't they?  Can you imagine used with Turquoise or Spanish Olive?






Mar 1dOne more mix for the sunset photo - Premo Cadmium Yellow and Orange.  I really like that 8CY/1O mix - I see that color reflected on the waves at sunset a lot. Next week, no oranges or yellows, I promise!


Join me on my live CraftCast on March 18th!  I will be showing you how I transfer sketches to Souffle clay and then color them with Chameleon pens after baking. Want to get a jump on the class?  I have a link to my photographs, converted to line drawings that I use for transfer:  You need to download it to see the images.

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