NCT Aug 2015-4Okay, big shocker here!  I DO NOT like the Sunset Pearl mix... this is the first thing I've mixed with the Sunset Pearl that I didn't like and I thought it would be amazing..waa..waa

I DO like the Sculpey III (S3) Princess Pearl and probably that Souffle So 80s in a 16:1 mix.  What do you think- am I crazy to not like the Sunset Pearl?

The 2nd row is mixed 4 parts of Opal to 1 part of color and the 3rd row is mixed 8 parts of Opal to 1 part of color.  That Premo Orange needs to be dialed waaaay back to possibly a speck of orange to 4 parts of Opal!  LOL

I liked the Teal Pearl/Opal mix from last week so much, I think that will be my mix color for September - S3 Teal Pearl

See you in September!  --syndee holt

NCT Aug 2015-4a