July 6Oh SURPRISE syndee!  There are FIVE Tuesdays in July!  Here I was bidding a fond farewell to Souffle Mai Tai and welcoming Souffle Pistachio as my August color mixer and we still have one more week in July!  Actually I'm happy about that, because there was one mix I didn't try and that was Mai Tai and Robin's Egg.  I love the 2:1 and 4:1 Mai Tai mixes in this group.  That 2:1 mix should look great  with Latte and Cowboy or Latte and Key Lime.  I'm curious to see what the 4:1 mix will look like with Turnip or Royalty.  Oh!  With Sea Glass - I gotta try that one!


I've been teaching some Mokume Gane "Moon Rock" classes and I encourage the students to be bold and brave with their color combinations and you really just can't go wrong with the Souffle color family!  Check out these great combinations from our last class (wine and clay - with dessert!) I particularly liked the Latte, Pumpkin, Cowboy, Sea Glass combo in the lower left, but I like that Royalty, Jade and Pistachio combo too... Ack, I like them ALL!  I"ve used them all in one Mokume Gane too (well almost all..)my souffle moku

pool clay