NCT Aug 2015 bonusA Friday edition because I couldn't wait a day longer to share these with you!  As you know, I'm featuring mixes with the new Premo! Opal this month.  Soooo, I decided to try mixing with the new Glitter Golds and the results are some serious Bling!!!


2:1 is 2 parts Opal to 1 part Glitter Gold  (this is my favorite mix!)

4:1 is 4 parts Opal to 1 part Glitter Gold


I can't even begin to pick a favorite color, but I do like the 2:1 mix the best.


NCT Aug 2015 bonus 1 bracelet final close smSAnd this is what you can do with the mixes!!!  Seriously, I can't stop with these mixes.....gotta get back to the clay table now...