Once again, I got tricked! When I first got the new Souffle Colors, my eyebrows went up - and once again, I can't live without these colors! This month I'm mixing each of the 5 new colors with 2 Metallics and 2 Souffle colors. Let's see what happens!

This week I'm mixing the new Souffle color, Mandarin, with Pearl, Latte, Gold and Canary. So 2 metallics and 2 Souffles. And WOW! What gorgeous mixes these are - I can't honestly pick a favorite!

To the sub-palettes:

#1 That mandarin/Gold 1:1 mix is a metallic Orange to die for! And I love it for a mid-century vibe when combined with Souffle Latte and Mandarin

#2 This is kind of a cooler palette. What a unique take for a tropical palette, right? I love the colors together - you could wear with green, black, white, blues... or how about for a master bedroom?

#3 Ohh, I love this one! I want to wear it everyday..