Hmm, apparently I no longer remember how to tell my fingers to type out the entire month name of November - it took 3 tries.

This week is another NCT Winner for me - I swear you can't go wrong mixing with Pistachio.  And Cinnamon is ALWAYS a winner with me! Look at that beautiful soft maize color! I really like the original colors together as well.  I think I probably could have made another 3 or 4 sub palettes from these colors.

Primary Polymer Clay Colors

Ok, sub palettes I chose:

#1 All the 1:1 mixes are gorgeous together. Boho, classic, flattering for any hair color (can you imagine this with a violet hair color?  Wow!)

#2 This is kind of a really nice cool palette, but the Guava has that hidden warmth to it that fascinates me and then the Pistachio/Guava 1:1 seems to counter balance the cool Lagoon.

#3 Love, love, love this one! Gorgeous colors together.  But I also have a feeling I would like ANY color in a sub palette with Cinnamon and that Guava/Pistachio mix.  How about Turnip? Royalty? Poppy Seed? Cherry Pie could be interesting....hmmmm

Have a wonderful and safe holiday week! We are doing our Thanksgiving today because of my kids work schedules. Then off to see the new Harry Potter movie - can't wait!

xoxo, syn