Two of my favorite Souffle colors (really obsessions) are featured in this mix: Cinnamon and Pistachio. I don't think you can go wrong with either color as a mixer!  Of course, I think Cinnamon looks great on it's own with just about any other color in the Souffle range as well as at least the Premo metallics.

Cinnamon and Pistachio Colored Clay

And LOOK at those sub palettes!

#1 I love those two mix colors anchored by the Cinnamon!  You will notice that the Cinnamon/Pistachio mix is in every sub palette - hmmm, do you suppose I like it? LOL

#2 Ohhh, this palette feels rested and grounded to me.  Where #1 felt like energy, this one feels peaceful. I love these colors together.

#3 Okay, this palette is the sunny morning wake-up palette! It's all about warmth and light. A great pick-me-up palette for claying on a dark, dreary day.


xoxo, syn