April...already?   Come on!  Well, it did give me an opportunity to play a little with my newest clay crush - Souffle Jade.  Jade is a green with blue roots.  Normally, I'm a warm green girl, but I really kinda like what I can do with this trickster green.  Mix it with a yellow and it becomes more of a blue - the total opposite of what I would expect to happen!  As you can see in this weeks mix, I added Premo Accents Gold to three Souffle colors, including Jade.  Kind of surprising mixes, right?  First the Jade went more of a green, but definately kept it's blue roots.  Turnip and Gold went to a Tomato Soup color (right?!?)  And Sea Glass and Gold created a really nice antique brass color!

Let's look at the sub palettes for this week: These are some really interesting palettes - certainly not something I would think to pull out, but now that I have, I want to use them all! I see earthy/seascape/plantscape palettes.  (I *may* have made up a couple of scapes there).  I'm drawn to the Seaglass-Seaglass/Gold-Turnip/Gold mix because it's right in my wheelhouse.  But I also like the challenge that that Jade-Turnip/Gold-Sea Glass combo is throwing me. And that Turnip-Jade/Gold/Sea Glass/Gold - I'm pretty sure I have those combos all over my living room!

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

xoxo, syn