I'm starting the New Year off with a second cup of mocha coffee - not because I was out late, but because I have a dog who can't handle fireworks. I even dutifully gave BOTH dogs calming drops, but once the neighborhood started popping them off around 11, she was a mess.   The little one snored through everything, but they seemed to have the opposite effect on poor Annie.  So here I am with my bleary eyes and ,now, a happily snoring dog..

After 5 years of NCT, I needed an update to my self-imposed rules. So I made myself a new set of rules - that I have made/broken/remade at least 3 times. Here's the basics:

  • One color will still be featured each month (this month it's Souffle Royalty - a dead ringer for the Pantone Color of the Month)
  • This featured color will be in a palette with 2 other colors
  • This palette will be mixed with one other color to create a new palette of colors (you KNOW I'm going to do 2 colors in the mix at least once each month, right?)
  • The color mix will USUALLY be 1:1

My ultimate goal is to provide you with some basic color palette options and then a new mixed color/custom color palette from the same colors.

I really had fun with these mixes this month and I hope you guys like the new format as well! So here we go..

Jan2018 NCT-1

I do love this Basic Palette together. Rustic, but elegant. I'm definitely a warm tone person, but I love to throw some purple into my wardrobe as well.

Then we mix a little Premo Accents Gold into these Souffle colors and we get an entirely different palette to use on it's own or to mix into the original palette!  Isn't that a gorgeous Bronze color with the Royalty and Gold 1:1?  And I just love that saucy orange mix and the green mix - umm, I could roll in that one!

That Bronze mix would be the perfect accent to the original palette and just envision that Sea Glass/Gold green sitting in between the Cinnamon and Sea Glass..

Oh!  The Sea Glass, Cinnamon/Gold Mix and the Gold (or the Royalty...or the Bronze!)

I think it's going to be a fun and COLORFUL year!

xoxo, syn