Jan2018 NCT-3This idea didn't quite work out like I thought it would.  I assumed that adding the Premo Accents Copper to these colors would tone them down but add a warmth as well.  It did work that way on the Souffle Latte and So 80s but I don't care for the 1:1 mix with the Souffle Royalty.  My guess would be to mix 3 parts Royalty to 1 part Copper to get a value that fits the other two mixes.  Now THAT is a palette I could see myself using.  I don't use this So 80s that much because I greatly prefer the softer tones of the Souffle Guava.

Here is another version of the palette I presented last week, with a surprise right in the middle! First, use your hand to cover the left column with the Royalty. (Royalty just doesn't like to mix with ANYTHING - it's Royal after all!) Look at that lovely warm grey of that Souffle Bluestone and Latte mix!  I love that soft palette of the Bluestone, Sage and Latte and I love that even softer palette of the 1:1 mixes with the Latte.  I could even pop that 1:1 Sage mix in with the Bluestone and Latte palette (replacing the straight Sage).  Oh!  How about Bluestone, Bluestone mix and Sage?

So many colors, so little time...Jan2018 NCT-2a