Okay, I've double checked my calendar and I *believe* I"m in the right place at the right time for New Color Tuesday! (actually, you can't blame me for being so excited that I posted on Monday last week can you?)

Jan2018 NCT-2We are a whole week into the New Year and I have been having a "productive play" week with my clay.  I'll share some of it on my blog later this week.  But FIRST, let's see what kind of color play I got up to for this week. Souffle colors Royalty, Bluestone and Cinnamon is my starting palette this week.  I must confess any palette that has my two favorites, Bluestone and Cinnamon is a winner with me!  I like how the Royalty acts a solid base for the other two colors and Bluestone is a great buffer between the two opposite colors as well.

Now Latte is a previous favorite of mine in my extremely fickle color love - I like it as the 4th member of that palette as well as just with the Bluestone, and Cinnamon-hmmm, i'm gonna have to do something with those colors immediately...

Anyway, the mixes- not a fan of the Royalty/Latte mix, but that Bluestone/Latte mix is a really nice grey!  What a different neutral palette it would make with the Bluestone and Latte.  I also like that Cinnamon/Latte mix - in fact it would be a great sub for the straight Cinnamon in the Bluestone/Latte/Cinnamon palette I'm going to go play with today (like right now..)

I really like that Royalty is not a pink purple or a blue purple, but just a purple - it can mix in warm palettes as well as cool palettes.  Look at it with the Bluestone and the Bluestone mix - perfectly comfortable in a cool palette.  Then look at it with the Cinnamon and Latte pallete - holding it's own in a warm palette.  I'm impressed with all the palette possibilities these three colors present!

Now to the clay table and the Souffle shelf!! Wheeeeeeee...

xoxo, syn