I don't often mix with a black clay.  And I can't really tell you why, except I love vibrant colors.  But when I DO mix with a Black color (or Poppy Seed Souffle here), I usually fall in love.  My kids showed me many years ago that you can get that cool acid Jan2018 NCT-5green/yellow by mixing a little black into a yellow clay.  And I've mixed Premo Black into Premo Accents Gold and Bronze and Silver - but now really any of the other colors. (Now I can see a HUGE color chart in my mind as I think of all the possibles).

These colors are mixed 4 parts of the color to 1 part of the Poppy Seed.  I love, love that combo of the Souffle So 80s 4:1, the Canary 4:1 and black.  It has a retro vibe to me that I really dig.  I also like that Royalty mix  those three 4:1 mixes look really good together - I want a bedspread with those colors.

I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to doing my NCT mixes.  I use an EnP (Etch n' Pearl) to mark the back of each color chip with the mix (4R 1 PS) and I lay them all out in order on a piece of baking cardboard.  After they are baked, I use a marker to write over the writing on the back to make it more readable.   Then I stack each week into a plastic egg carton egg slot to take them out to photograph them.  Once they are photographed, I put them carefully IN ORDER back into the egg carton to take to my office and add the text to the photos.

That was all necessary because I was using so many different colors and different mixes.  Now I'm using the same mix for all three colors and I thought it gave me a little freedom from my OCD routine.  I even try to keep two of the mix colors for the next week, so I put a sheet of paper on the baking cardboard and just write in the space where the repeated colors go on the second week.  Right?  Why make all these chips of the same color? And I don't need to write on the back of each chip because they are all the same proportion mix.

So I finished my February mixes (Souffle Cinnamon!) and I took them outside to my outdoor studio to photograph them.  I was setting up the first week and (you guessed it) WHOOOSH!  A big gust of wind and my paper with the chips went flying - chips EVERYWHERE.  I was so shocked, I didn't even cuss...


So what did I do?  OCD me took a pic of the cardboard with all the chips before I moved it to the oven.  So once I realized that I had that pic and the paper with the two colors marked for each week, it was pretty easy to put it back together.  But I have a feeling next month I will be marking the backs again and the egg crate will be back in use! LOL

BTW - I find that I keep staring at that combo of So 80s, Canary and Poppy Seed - now THAT combo would pop on a black shirt or dress!

xoxo, syn

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

PS! It's never too late to join the Polymer Clay Adventure 2018.  This year, all the tutorials are release at once, so you can watch them in any order you wish at any time you wish!  The online community has been posting some killer photos of their work they have done from the tutorials.  For more information: http://bit.ly/4syndeePCA2018