I figured we all needed to cool off, so let's mix some Blues this week! I was mildly shocked that my Premo Wild Child (Peacock Pearl) didn't dish up some surprises this week, but it did dish up some lovely deep purples and blues. My favorite is the Souffle Cornflower and Wild Child, er Peacock Pearl.

To the sub-palettes:

#1 These are great colors together - the Vivacious Raspberry and the Peacock Pearl Wild Child are tamed by the Calming Cornflower.

#2 Well, Well, the two blues cause the Caliente to come out of the Cayenne! It looks like a super warm color against the blues.

#3 Wow, I want these colors in my meditation room! (like I could sit still for more than 5 minutes...speaking of which...I've off to the clay table to mix colors for the Custom mixes that were sent in via the Sculpey newsletter!

xoxo, syn