Ohhh, this is one of my favorite mixes of the year so far! I love, love all those 1:2 mixes with Gold, but ESPECIALLY the Souffle Raspberry 1:2 with the Gold. It is such a happy little orange with the soft glow of the mica in it. But I also love the deeper orange of the Cayenne/Gold mix and the two brass versions that the blues created! When you mix the mica colors with the Souffle, the mica spreads through the Souffle and really adds both a visual and physical texture to the mix.

To the sub-palettes:

It was hard for me to drag myself away from all the mixes for this!

#1 I love this bright combo that is also somehow calming!

#2 This is a classic palette! Look at how these colors pop against the grey background! Perfect color accents for a neutral palette.

#3 A more muted version of #2, but still a classic!

xoxo, syn