It's no secret that I love the Premo Accents Copper color (pssst! try it with Premo Accents Grey Granite!) Wow! Did I get some interesting and unusual colors this week and I love them all! These colors are all mix with ONE part of the blue/red color and TWO parts of the Copper color.

That Cayenne/Copper mix is a luscious deep shimmering orange color isn't it? The Souffle Raspberry mix is a similar for color mix for a lighter palette with a hint more pink than orange. The Premo Navy Blue/Copper mix is a warm steely grey while the Cornflower mix confounded me with a warm shimmering grey when I thought I would get something MUCH color!

To the Sub Palettes!

#1 Oh yeah, this is a polka dot SOMETHING waiting to happen. Sophisticated dots, not childish dots

#2 Mid-century anyone? What a great palette for a kitchen! But image those colors against a black or steel grey dress! Or how about a blue dress? Check out the way those color want to draw that Cornflower circle from #3 to their party at #2!

#3 Ahh, don't see many palettes from me that have this level of calm and sophistication. lol!

xoxo, syn