We have a new red and a blue in BOTH Premo and Souffle, so I thought it would be appropriate this month of red, white and blue to do some mixing with them! I started with Silver this week, since mixing with White was just too...easy. LOL These are all mixes with ONE part of the red or blue and TWO parts of the mix color.

It's kind of obvious that the Premo Cayenne is much more of an orange color than the Souffle Raspberry, but it really is apparent when you mix them with the lighter Silver color. The Cayenne mix remains a darker, more neutral color while the Raspberry mix is a softer, cooler color.

I am really, really digging the Premo Navy and Souffle Cornflower colors (last month I couldn't get enough of the Raspberry and Mandarin - I am a fickle color lover!) I was surprised that I didn't bet more of a purplish color from the Cornflower mix! I guess that is why color mixing is so interesting - it's hard to predict sometime.

The sub-palettes!

#1 This is such a clean, cool color palette! I think it reflects feminine power.

#2 Ohhh, frosty! I kind like it especially for single color beads or stacked flat rounds.

#3 I like the warm pop the Cayenne adds to this palette - it grounds the cooler blues.

I've got some 4 more surprise palettes for you this month featuring these blues and reds! Including some gorgeous palettes featuring metallic sorbet colors.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th! Don't forget our brave men and women who are away from their loved ones protecting our wonderful freedom!

xoxo, syn