While I think that Souffle Bluestone is the wild card of the Souffle family, Turnip comes sauntering in this week to remind me that it can do some crazy tricks as well.  For instance, check out that 1:1 mix with Jade - that is seriously a gorgeous color.  I was expecting mud and I got a...Midnight Blue? Deep Purple?  I love all 3 of those 1:1 mix colors (and I'm not a fan of pinks and purples).  What a rich palette of color they create for a beaded necklace or even maybe a photo frame?

Let's look at the sub-palettes:

#1 I love the play of the cool blues with the warmth of Latte.  I tend to forget about Latte and then when I start using it, I can't stop!

#2 I like the warmth of this palette.  It exudes a low key style that would be great for a brooch for either a coat or suit jacket (neither of which I wear, so smack me if I'm wrong about this!)

#3 The cool palette - a different take on a girls room motif maybe? OH! nice palette for a spa like bathroom!  These colors would pop against white counter tops for covered toothbrush holders, tissue holders, etc.

Bluestone was fun to play with again this month, but next month I'm moving onto some Premo mix colors with Peacock Pearl as my standard color through the mixes.

xoxo, syn