I forget about how much I like Souffle Latte from time to time.  Then once I remember, I can't quite using it!  I love these three basic colors in the top trio - Bluestone, Pistachio, Jade.  Jade is one of my more recent  Color Crush, but Bluestone was my very first Souffle Color Crush.  I clearly remember taking the plastic bags of lumps of clay out of the box for the first time (I get lumps in the beginning before it's extruded into the bars).  My eyebrow was raised as each color came out (the signal that the jury is out on my liking it), but when Bluestone came out....I was in LOVE..  Then of course, I realized how well all the colors worked with each other by making a massive mokume gane of them all and I was in total love.

Anyway, let's get off the Souffle Memory Train and back to color mixing!  I love these sub-palettes this week.  The bluestone/Latte 1:1 mix is such a nice warm grey, I can see myself using it in tons of work.  Then of course, Pistachio and Latte create a close version of the old Key Lime Souffle color (Canary and Latte is actually my fav mix for this).  I also like the 1:1 mix of Jade and Latte as the Latte warms up the cool blue undertones of the Jade.

I can't even pick a favorite sub-pallet, but if I had to, it would probably be #1 or #3.  I'm definitely going to do something in the #1 palette, I just have to decide what! LOL  I AM going to make a solid color crimp bracelet of that Bluestone/Latte 1:1 mix.  I love that grey!

xoxo, syn