No lie, this mix starts with 3 of my favorite Souffle colors: Bluestone, Guava and Cinnamon. ALL the Souffle colors are amazing, but these three are such workhorses for me.  I love, love the 1:1 mixes as well as the actual colors.  Who new that Pistachio and Cinnamon 1:1 would make such a deep, rich ochre color?  Or that Bluestone and Cinnamon 1:1 would make a Mocha color?

To the Sub-palettes:

#1 What beautiful colors that are NOT pastel, but fit the pastel need.  Does that make sense?  Great colors for a Mokume Gane or even stripes with Igloo in between?

#2 I love my earthtones and my ochres and this delivers for me!  I'm going to FIND a use for this palette!

#3 Again, a variation of a pastel palette grounded by the Cinnamon.  I need to use these three colors together in SOMETHING!

I am off to Comic Con this week here in San Diego,  with Jen, our fearless Marketing leader, so watch for our escapades on the Sculpey Instagram!

xoxo, syn