[caption id="attachment_30826" align="alignleft" width="300"]Some of the finished pieces from our Studio 215 class Some of the finished pieces from our Studio 215 class[/caption]

Well, I'm back from another great trip to Florida for the Fandango retreat! The weather was glorious this time- it felt like our typical Southern California weather - warm sun, no humidity and LOTS of claying! Can you imagine 3 days of classes with Jana Roberts Benzon, Dayle Doroshow and Barb Fajardo?  I even had time to stay a couple of days with Alice Stroppel and teach a class in her gorgeous Studio 215.

[caption id="attachment_30827" align="alignright" width="300"]Alice Stroppel in front of her Studio 215 in Sebring Florida Alice Stroppel in front of her Studio 215 in Sebring Florida[/caption]




So back to my New Color Tuesday mixes here..

MAY2017-3Ohhh, another favorite color for me!  We can go from cool grey to warm grey with these mixes!  That 2L/1G just has an elegant sophistication look to it - like something 007 would have in his apartment.  In fact I really like all these colors. Looking for a color to accent an orange clay with?  We don't want to go black and look too Halloween, but any of these mixes would look really lovely with an orange color..or maybe even a Fuchsia or Purple? I keep our NCT color mix archive at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

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may2017-10-1One last photo to show you from Florida - this is Kelly Springs where Alice and I went tubing.  Mark "floating down a real lazy river" off my bucket list!