I've just finished the fantastic Fandango retreat and now I'm hanging out with Alice Stroppel and I'm going to teach a little silkscreen class in her gorgeous Studio 215 in downtown Sebring.


Ahhh, now I love me some Peacock Pearl! I don't know about you, but I "see things" in the swirls of blue and green on the surface of Peacock.  Add the Souffle Latte and, depending on where I'm looking on these color chips, the colors shift around.  Especially on the last two pieces - I tend to see more Latte influence on the outside edges when I look in the direct center of the chip.

Do not EVEN suggest that I like one of these better than the others - I love them all! I even love the wicked sheen the Peacock chip on the left has (with the streaks of darker mica running through it) compared to the soft suede look of the Latte above it.

I've gotta use all these colors someday! (my list of what I want to do is growing longer and longer and longer.. sound familiar?)

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