MAY 2017-1I've become fascinated lately with mixing Sculpey Souffle and premo! Sculpey Accents colors together. (Ya'll know that I use Accents Bronze and Souffle Cinnamon 1:1 on almost a daily basis right?)

So I was wondering what would happen if I mixed Souffle Latte into some of the other Accents Pearl colors to see what happened.  This week I mixed Sunset Pearl and Latte.  Sunset Pearl is a little too silvery for my taste, but the Latte warms it right up and NOW it looks more like the colors I see on our beach at sunset. (Okay, I DO see the real Sunset Pearl color, but after the sun has set and the afterglow fades into the cool purple blue of the sky).

I'm sort of leaning towards the 1:1 mix and the 2L/1S mixes here as my favorites, but I bet I could find uses for every one of these guys!

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xoxo, syndee