In honor of the Summer season, let's do Mai Tais!  Sculpey Souffle Mai Tai mixes that is!

The Sculpey Soufflé Mai Tai is a little bit of a mystery to me.  When I roll a piece out and look at it carefully in the light, I swear I see a mica sheen in there..but then again I thought I saw a guy walking down the street with a monkey on his shoulder and it was just a guy in a really big hoodie...(then there was the guy who looked like he had a dog on his shoulder, that turned out to BE an actual dog on his shoulder! Go figure..)

July 1I like to think of the Souffle colors as "pre-mixed" colors.  They look like they are already custom mixed into a special color palette, so I was especially challenged to create new colors.  My mix was Sculpey Soufflé Mai Tai and Sculpey Soufflé Latte (one of my favorites).  I love every single mix in this batch.  All three mixes would be gorgeous to silkscreen onto, or transfer onto, or texture and use verdigris coloring on..  ARGH!  I've got to go clean out my work area so I can get back to work and try some of these new colors.


Here is the wired sampler of some of the color mixes for this month - aren't they gorgeous?July all