Yeah, I as always the one who read ahead in our schoolbooks, had my homework done immediately.  So imagine my shock when I realized that it was New Color Tuesday Eve and I didn't have my NCT mixes done! No lie, these area all usually done by the third week of the month before.  It had crossed my mind every day, but I just never found the time to do it.  So, there I was last night working with all the studio lights and the video lights on, mixing colors.  Didn't help that I could smell the deliciousness coming from the house since my chef son was off that day and was cooking!!  But, as always, once I get into the color mixing, I'm intrigued.

I thought premo! Accents Purple Pearl would be a good Halloween, er, October mix color.  So let's start with my current crush, Souffle Concrete and Purple Pearl:



Now, I know I've mixed orange before for October (and actually, all through the years).  I've included the mix for Orange Pearl below - just in case you want to team Purple Pearl, Bright Green Pearl and Orange Pearl for Halloween!  I really like that 4C/1PP mix.  That would make a great addition to a palette of colors with premo! Sunshine or how about with Souffle Bluestone (of course, I think ANYTHING looks good with Bluestone).  Even that 1:1 mix would be interesting with Bluestone.

So, you know the way I get myself to mix something "normal" is to promise myself a wild mix next.  How about a mix of premo! Accents Purple Pearl with Bright Green Pearl? Is it me or is that a Brass color sitting right in the middle of those mixes? I just literally picked up the little half egg carton that I use for chip storage and looked at it again.  Yep, Antique Gold/Brass color!  Man, I love color mixing wildness!

I've mixed Orange before to make an Orange Pearl, so I dug it off the archive page to share here again, just in case you want to do something with Purple Pearl, Bright Green Pearl and Orange Pearl for Halloween! As always,all the NCT color mixes are at: