oct2016-2I know right?  What color doesn't look good mixed with the premo! Accents Glitter Golds?  I decided to see what the premo! Accents Purple Pearl would do.  As always, I'm fascinated in the subtle difference between the White Glitter Gold  and the Yellow Glitter Gold.  Even though I feel like the Purple Pearl has a silver metallic feel to it, I prefer it mixed with the Yellow Gold Glitter - do you?  I also think I would back the mix down from the 4:1 to a 3:1 to get a little more purple in it.  Is it me, or does the White Gold Glitter show more in the 1:1 mix than the Yellow Gold Glitter as well?

I also have to point out that I'm totally digging the purple to blue color shift across the Purple Pearl chip!  It's kind of like the Peacock Pearl, I feel like I can see things moving in it or across the surface.  Almost like color smokes moving through it. In answer to your question, YES, it's pretty easy for me to spook myself!  LOL

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