oct2016-1 I'm very into non-metallic golds right now.  The exterior of my house is Windswept Leaves - a golden/beige color.  I just painted my bathroom Siam Gold, which is a greenish gold (with a long wall of Hematite - it's gorgeous).  Anyway, I was so excited to see that I could mix a gold that was very similar to those colors I've been gravitating to with Purple and Yellow - whaaat?  Yep, premo! Sunshine  and premo! Accents Purple Pearl mixed 4:1 make a really nice golden/almost green/with greyish undertones color.  And look at that 1:1 mix!  What a nice warm taupe color!   I'm betting that if you mixed a green, say, Spanish Olive 1:1 with Sunshine, you would get a really nice palette with the Sunshine, green/yellow mix and the Purple Pearl mix!


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