Sep4By now you know that I tend to get fascinated with a color and go crazy with it for a couple of days (or weeks) before the next infatuation.  So far, my longest infatuation is with Sculpey Soufflé Bluestone, but as usual, I've run out of it.  So, look what magically appeared on my worktable...18k Gold.  Normally, I'm a retro girl for the standard Premo! Accents Gold, but I'm groovin' with the 18k on the table this week.  So, I thought I would see what happened if I used it in my NCT mix this week.

The Lagoon really shows off how the mica twinkles in the Sculpey Soufflé/Premo Accents mixes.  I love that first mix.  Enlarge the photo and look at the tiny gold mica twinkles in it!  I also love the final three mixes-wouldn't they be great with Bronze or Copper?  Oh!  Let's have a mix off next week!  18k and Copper - and I will show the results side-by-side like I did the Igloo and Sandcastle (white/off white) mixes.

Right now I've got to go pack my tools and get ready to head out to Prescott, Arizona for another great retreat!  I'm also teaching at the Polymer Clay Adventure Virtual Retreat .  Just think, a year long retreat with 22 teachers and you don't have to pack up your tools and you get to keep the videos and pdfs for later reference!150ImTeachingatPCA