NCT Jun 2015-2-2 Now, I confess - I prefer a good craft-brew beer to wine, but I've been known to have a glass of wine with my neighbors (we do tend to have impromptu gatherings on each others yards from time to time).   I KNOW  these colors aren't the deep rich red colors of many wines, but they still remind me of wine (and it's morning here, so I'm now I'm thinking they look like jam colors?).

Anyway, while not terribly earth-shattering color mixes, they are still quite lovely.  I was surprised that the Wisteria was able to hold it's own against (what I assumed) was a stronger Sunset Pearl. And I do promise that this is the last Sunset Pearl mix of this month! I can't help it - it's such an interesting mix color! Once again if you enlarge this photo, you can see how lovely the silvery micas of the Sunset Pearl spread through the mixes.

Next week I have a surprising mix palette for you, followed by the always useful Pearl and Ecru mixes.

Check out all the New Color Tuesday mixes on one page at:  I just looked at this page and there are LOADS of colors on there!!

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