Okay, Sculpey Soufflé™ Canary brought the mid-century colors! What a great set of colors - all 7 of them! Of course, I knew that Latte and Canary would mix to a great Key Lime, but I didn't expect that nice soft green from Cornflower (this color has some mixing CHOPS!). I thought that Raspberry would totally overwhelm the Canary, but instead we got a great soft-yet-bright orange tone!

#1 I like this palette for a great cool Summer palette that is different than the typical Summer colors.

#2 This is going to be one of my favorite palettes of the year! I want yarn in these colors, I want my room in these colors, I want to wear these colors..

#3 Another color surprise for me. I really like these colors together. I suspect that adding the Latte as the fourth player would be a really interesting color palette to work with.

xoxo, syn