Bluestone is one of my very first Souffle color crushes. It does so well on its own, I find it a challenge sometimes to find colors that will stand up to it in a combination. Certainly, Bluestone, Poppy Seed and Igloo is my most favorite combo – so clean and can go casual or more formal.

I really, really like that warm grey color that Latte and Bluestone 1:1 makes – that has to be my favorite of this week. It’s kind of a darker Greige color.

To the sub-palettes:

#1 All cool, calming, restful to the eyes. Great bedroom colors, great kids room colors.

#2 Oh yes! I really like this palette for clay! I can imagine bowls, vessels AND jewelry in this palette.

#3 This is similar to #1, but with a greater pop of color with Shamrock instead of the mix. Again, I could see this palette in a room, maybe with the Shamrock as a small pop of color. Great mokume gane combo too!

xoxo, syn