I'm bringing you some soft spring greens today too. Now you know that I love me some greens and these are NO exception!  The BIG surprise to me was that the Souffle Robin Egg, mixed with Latte 1:1 made a lovely soft green!  I was thinking I would get a cooler version of Latte and (as usual) I couldn't have been more wrong!  Each one of these mixes are great!  Once again Canary held it's own with a mix color. In fact, the Latte only toned down the Canary and, once again, shifted to a green.  I though Pistachio would hold out with the Latte as well, but that mix took a BIG step to the darker side, creating an almost Sage color!  I'm betting I have all three of these mixed colors in my house somewhere! LOL

Now, for the sub-palettes.  I love the 3 1:1 mixes together.  I can imagine them with wood tones as well as with cool greys-functioning as the pop of color against the cool (or warm) neutral. (Big intake of breath - I JUST bought a Graphite colored blouse! - gotta do something with these colors for it!  The Robin Egg-Latte-Latte/Canary palette would look great against a soft buttery cream color wouldn't it? The pistachio-Latte-Pistachio/Latte 1:1 sub-palette are wonderful colors to contrast with a warm brown or even a blue like the Robin Egg. Again, this sub-palette would look great with wood tones as well. All of these sub-palettes would make great kitchen colors as well. (No surprise, but my kitchen is just as colorful as the rest of my house!

As always, my  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/

xoxo, syn