I've discovered that many of you don't realize that you can actually mix Souffle and premo! together - often with some spectacular results! Want a velvet texture to your clay? Mix Souffle and premo!  Want a color palette that is entirely different? Mix Souffle and premo!

NCTJuly1_1Now I already have my favorite premo! Accents Bronze and Souffle Cinnamon mix that I use quite often and this month I'm adding another staple to my table.   Carrying over the Glitter Gold mixes from last month, check out this mix of Souffle Turnip and premo! Accents Yellow Glitter Gold! I can't even pick a favorite...

As always, the NCT color mix archive can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/ I’ve been doing some organizing on that page as well, so that you can find each month more easily. I update at the end of each month.
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MAR NCT 2017-1