Happy New Year to you all-

A new year means new subfolders in most of my files which always feel like a fresh start, a blank canvas.  I file my NCT color palettes by year and month as well as my notorious photographs around my home and beach (the 3x3 collection as well as the sunsets).  I don't know, it feels like having a new binder for school and a fresh set of crayons to me.

pantone-color-2017As most of you know, Pantone has declared a GREEN color as the Color of the Year. I have never been more excited!  I'm all about green and I've had a really hard time finding greens for my home decor. My bedroom is about 4 shades of green (just went and counted - 3 shades), but could I find green curtains or bedspread?  NOPE  I do have to say that this Pantone Color of the Year is not my favorite green, but I'm just excited to have a green AT ALL.

Anyway, I decided to return to the "old colors" of Sculpey - the Green of premo! is our feature color this month.  Let's see how many shades of green we can conjure and how many surprises we find along the way!

jan-nct-2017-1aFirst up, a mix with premo! Sunshine.  These colors set the mood for Spring as they look like fresh greens to me - new grass, new sprouts. These colors look amazing against a charcoal grey color (my background is just about 18% grey).  Toss in a turquoise blue for a cool theme or go bright with fuchsia and a soft orange. Ohh, premo! Wisteria would awesome with any of these greens too!

As always, the NCT colors mixes can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/ I've been doing some organizing on that page as well, so that you can find each month more easily.

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xoxo, syn