Okay, it's one of those days.  I've sat down at least 4 times to write this, only to have another mini-crisis do deal with.  The garbage disposal got jammed, the contractor has 18 thousand questions for me, people emailing, texting, messaging me all need an answer quickly. Sigh...

It's okay though, because I'm writing about green all month! Greens are definitely my favorite colors.  I've always wondered why green wasn't more prevalent in home decor items.  Then when I was picking colors for my kitchen, I was looking at all these subtle greens and BOTH my son and my contractor/best friend were asking me why I was looking at greys and not greens.  I've also had other contractors who refused to even comment on paint color or try to match, say, rain gutter to paint color.  I recalled that while at Brooks Institute of Photography (RIP Brooks!), the guys would come ask me about their color correction and they were almost always 5-7 points green/yellow.  The exception was the guy who was totally color blind.  He didn't have the issue with greens, but purples - they were just too muddy for him to discern.

So man of you may know that color blindness is more prevalent in men than women.  1 in 12 men have some percentage of it (predominately in the red/green area), while 1 in 200 women have issues with it.  But do you know why the red/green issues are more prevalent in men?  It's chromosome related, the receptors for red and green are located on the X chromosome.  And men only have one of those guys, vs the two X chromosomes that women have.  So next time your DH says something like, "Why do you need those red shoes?  You have 3 pairs already!"  You can pat them on the back and say something like, "Well MY two X chromosomes have determined that I NEED these!"

To make a short story very long and then very short again, I've always wondered if that red/green confusion that a lot of men have has influenced home decor, since they couldn't see the greens correctly and wonder why there are such muddy or grey colors.

jan-nct-2017-2Now to this weeks mix!  I love the premo! Accents Bronze.  I think it's pretty much perfect the way it is (although I currently have a crush on Bronze mixed 1:1 with Souffle Cinnamon).  I've always liked the mixes with premo! Green as well - it yields colors from an antique bronze to a weather bronze look.  All of which can be an interesting choice for bezels and accents, especially in steampunk.

As always, the NCT color mix archive can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/ I’ve been doing some organizing on that page as well, so that you can find each month more easily. I update at the end of each month.

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xoxo, syn