So I thought that there were FIVE Tuesdays in June, but there are five Mondays and four Tuesdays.  We get a 2fer today, because I couldn't just pick between the remaining two color mixes.

First up is Sculpey Soufflé Sea Glass and Premo! Accents Gold:

June 5A little similiar to the Jade earlier, but 2 pt Sea Glass/ 1 pt Gold mix looks like the ocean with the sun sparkling on it, doesn't it? The surface textures don't change significantly either.  The 1 pt Sea Glass/2 pt Gold mix still has a suede feel to the surface texture.  Much more than I thought it would.


Now, on to the next mixture:  Sculpey Soufflé Cherry Pie and Premo! Accents Gold:

I love these color mixes!  What a gorgeous coppery bronze there in the 1 pt Cherry Pie/2 pt Gold..

June 4I photographed all the color mixes together for the month to show you how gorgeous these mixes look together!

June after