Of course I had to throw a little of my beloved Sculpey Soufflé™ into the mixes! The texture of the Soufflé really adds to the illusion of stone in the marbled mixes as well.

#1 Ohhhh Latte! I love this color with the TG. And the mix? Wow, it looks like sandstone mixed into the granite!

#2 This is a great combination of the colors right out of the package! Desert stone colors with a sky blue granite. YUM! Terrific bead colors for a bracelet.

#3 Well, talk about out-of-this-world marbling! These look so much like planets - I love them. I would use these in bracelet beads as well as possibly picture frames or box tops? Oh yesss...

Can I also give a shout out to the 3 Soufflé colors in combination as well? The Igloo gives a crispness to the two earthier colors - taking those colors to office wear for sure!

xoxo, syn

PS - We will be back to actual mixed colors next month with yet another NEW color!

Jewelry I made with the scraps from this month's mixes. I just love the way the granite adds textures throughout the swirled colors!