Now here is an interesting and diverse combination of colors that have created some equally interesting marbled mixes. And each color adds its own visual texture to the mixes as well. From these mixes I can tell that Purple Pearl (PP) and Turquoise Granite (TG) are going to make a kind of Violet Granite (if there is such a thing) when completely mixed. The Amber/TG is going to make a slightly greenish granite color when well mixed. That Twinkle Twinkle (TT) is going to make a cool, dark grey granite when completely mixed.

#1 Why haven't I tried the Amber with Twinkle Twinkle before? What an intriguing combination of textures and colors! And adding that PP/TG marble just for fun in the chaos of it all!

#2 I really like these two colors with the TG. The PP adds to the coolness of the palette while the Amber adds the warmth. And all three colors have their own individual visual texture to add to the mix.

#3 I really like the TT with the TG. It makes it look mysterious. And adding the Amber/TG marble only increases the celestial out-of-this-world feel to the palette.

xoxo, syn