These three colors mixed into the marble really nicely - giving us both the marble and a change of color for the Turquoise Granite. Wow! Pearl added a frosty look to the Turquoise Granite in the marble mix. I love the soft moss green color that the Antique Gold created in that marble mix. That Peacock Pearl is such a Drama Queen color, especially in this marble - spectacular!

#1 - Don't these look like planets from some other solar system? I love these three clay colors together!

#2 The soft green tones of the AG/TG mix helps warm up the frosty look of the Pearl and PP together. I really like this combo as well!

#3 Antique Gold and Peacock Pearl - I can't get over how nicely these two colors work together! I've got to do something with these two! And then add in the Turquoise Granite for texture and a pop of color - NICE!!!

xoxo, syn