It's a New Year. It's a New Color. It's a New Mix - a MARBLED mix! But only for this month...well, maybe just this month..

As I started to make the first couple of mixes, I was so amazed at the gorgeous marbling happening that I was cutting off small pieces to bake and save when I realized that YOU would probably want to see them too. Color mixing is a challenge, but marble mixing can be even more of one, but look at lovely this new Premo™ Turquoise Granite marbles with these metallic colors..Yellow Gold Glitter, Gold and Copper. I wish you could see them in person - the micas gentle spread over the granite is so gorgeous and natural looking.

So the next challenge I *thought* would be was creating the sub-palettes, but that proved to be a baseless worry. They were NO PROBEM.

#1 How lovely is that granite texture with the micas? Such an interesting dimension to the color combinations.

#2 I wanted to see if I could add that little hint of mica shimmer to the Turquoise Granite with the Gold, but when I saw the marble, well, I thought you HAD to see it! And how great is the marbled colors with the straight Turquoise and Copper? Colors! Textures! Yipee!!

#3 Ohhh, I love these 3 colors together as well. I like the way that the Turquoise Granite really cools down the Copper in the marbled version.

xoxo, syn