I know it is hard to really see the metallic mixes in photo, but you just have to try these 3 mixes when you get your Midnight Blue! That Copper mix? Looks like a grey, but with warm, almost red, highlights! The 18K Gold mixretains the warm golden highlights, while the Silver mix has the icy metallic flakes. I would really like to see a 2 parts Silver to 1 part Midnight Blue mix as well...maybe even 3 parts to 1 part!

#1 What a classic looking metallic palette!

#2 Huh! The Copper takes on a cool hue here with the two other cool colors.

#3 I love this one! It speaks of metal buttons on a woolen blue coat. It has a military look to it as well. Great colors for a necklace or how about a vessel? That Midnight Blue works great for the 3rd party in a home decor design.

xoxo, syn