This month I'm introducing color mixing with Premo Pale Blue. First, I have to tell you how surprised I was that this color can definitely stand alone in your design! And this color really comes to play in color mixing! Don't let the pastel look of this color fool you- it is a FULL color that can hold it's own in a color palette or as the star color in a solo design (just look at how it knocked that 18k Gold down to grey!)

#1 Okay, I'm a sucker for soft primaries and this one is no exception. What great colors for a photo frame or coasters or OH!! bangles!

#2 I like this combo, especially the Sunshine/Pale Blue mix that creates a warmer, slightly deeper version of Mint.

#3 I'm kind of obsessed with that Blush/Pale Blue mix - I can really rock that color with my skin coloring. And this palette is like a grown up palette for me. LOL!

xoxo, syn