I know right? I am mixing with ALL Premo. I can't help it.. I love this new Sculpey Premo™ Mustard color. Who knew that if you mixed Sculpey Premo™ Wisteria and Mustard that you would get a flesh-type color? I expected a grey-tone and, BOY, was I surprised!

#1 This is an unusual palette, but I could see using it for simple round beads. Oh! the Navy and N/M as round beads with the B/M as short tube beads in between?

#2 Oh my! I love these colors - I want my bedroom in these colors. I was going to say my office, but it is ALREADY almost in these colors. LOL

#3 A very soothing, calming palette. A twist on a typical tween color palette with the Navy hinting at sophistication. I also like the straight combo of Wisteria, Blush and Mustard. What is your favorite combo with these colors?

xoxo, syn