Introducing (yet ANOTHER) new Premo color coming SOON! This is Premo Mustard..

I have to say, this was one of my most favorite NCT mix months EVER. Thank goodness that it's a 5 Tuesday month because there were sooo many mixes I wanted to try. This color just came through with every single mix I threw at it. Of course, it is an AWESOME color on its own as well!

#1 Wow, first of all LOOK at those 3 1:1 mixes - aren't they great? I do like the little pop of Ecru in this subpalette. (Ecru appreciates being described as "a little pop" since it usually lives in Neutral Land.

#2 Ohh! A great warm palette - nice Summer to Fall transition colors.

#3 Anyone have a sudden craving for ice cream? Neapolitan maybe? Here is strawberry, vanilla and chocolate for sure!

I can't wait to show you the rest of this months mixes with Premo Mustard - look for the announcements for this new color clay on!